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TSM's Steven Berson was the mastering engineer at the now closed Europadisk, in Long Island City, New York, from 2004 to 2005.  While there he cut hundreds of vinyl record masters using the Neumann VMS-82 Direct Metal Mastering lathe, which was one of the final refinements in vinyl mastering technology ever made.

Personal high points to Steve's work there includes nearly all of the AV8 Records releases of 2004 & 2005 (remixes on vinyl only of a literal who's who of past and present hip-hop stars including artists like Notorious BIG, Nas, Jay-Z, Ciara, Lil' Jon, Snoop, Fat Man Scoop, etc.); the vinyl and CD single for Martha Wash's "You Lift Me Up" (Martha even attended the sessions and is one of the nicest people in the biz); avant-jazz legend Henry Threadgill's Zooid release "Pop, Start The Tape, Stop," the vinyl for the amazing Yellow #5's "Demon Crossing", vinyl releases on Signature Sounds for Erin McKeowan & Josh Ritter; painstakingly reproduced reissues for the Japanese market of Wayne Wonder, The Wiseguys and Naughty by Nature issued by Eon Music; CD's for Warped tour stalwarts the Nillaz, Jose Castellar's "The Man From San Juan" (featuring jazz legends Cachao, Roy Campbell & John Tchichai), CD's for underground hiphop heavies "Shake-A-Vel" & "Anger Management", the LP for drone-rock heavies "Om", and the vinyl for the special edition 4-LP set of the Foo Fighter's "In Your Honor."
Steve with the Neumann VMS-82 Direct Metal Mastering lathe
Steve & one of the towering
Infinity RS4.5 monitors
at the desk with the SAWStudio workstation and Neve Digital Transfer Console
at the Neumann SP-79
analog transfer console
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