The SpectR-Pro Bundle is a signal analyzer package for SAWStudio digital audio workstations consisting of three SAW native plugins: 
, SpectR, and Focus.

is a 120 band 1/12 octave spectrum analyzer, while SpectR is a 31 band 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer.  Both SpectR-Pro and SpectR display real-time frequency response from 5hz to 20khz over an adjustable 100dB range.

Numerous options provide ways to adjust SpectR-Pro to specific audio signals: 
  • Meter level is adjustable
  • Meters can display instantaneous Peak levels or a rolling Average level
  • Peaks can be turned on or off and set to decay or fall
  • Monitor the stereo signal, left or right channels independently
SpectR-Pro has a unique feature which can capture the frequency response of a reference signal and store it as an EQ curve.  This EQ curve can be statically displayed for a visual reference, or can be applied to an input signal in real time to view the offset between the input signal and the stored EQ curve.

Focus is a phase correlation meter using a "lissajous curve" oscilloscope type display.  Focus shows signal data on an X/Y grid and can help in alerting you to phase problems and stereo image issues, and is also useful in calibrating the azimuth of analog tape recorders.

SpectR-Pro, SpectR and Focus all can analyze the live monitored signal using SAWStudio's input monitoring.

Known issue: SpectR-Pro and SpectR do not display correctly at sample rates above 48kHz.

When installing enter >
user name:  brainspawn  
license key: 
download this license key
Acknowlegements:  Special thanks goes to Mike Garrett and Greg Head of Brainspawn for making these discontinued and formerly commercial plugins free to all SAWStudio users!

  Neither Brainspawn Inc. nor Total Sonic Media warrants or supports these plugins in any way. 
Use them solely at your own risk!

click to download SpectR-Pro
click to download SpectR-Pro
click to download SpectR-Pro
No activation key is needed when installing
click to download SP-1 plugin
The SP-1 Stereo Panner allows the Left and Right channels of a stereo file to be attenuated and panned independently of each other.  All parameters are automateable.  Activating the "Gang" control allows any of the parameter controls to be linked together.
ToneGen is a tone generator plugin for SAWStudio digital audio workstations which can produce a range of sine waves, sweeps and noise.

can generate four types of test signals:
  • sine waves from 5.5 Hz to 20kHz with frequency and gain adjustable during playback.
  • logarithmic sweeps of any duration, either up or down.  Starting and ending frequencies are fully adjustable  between 5.5Hz and 20kHz.
  • white noise using a gaussian distribution.
  • pink noise using the Voss-McCartney algorithm.
All signal generators operate independently with adjustable gain, including a source input, and the controls may be automated.

: in order for the tones to be audible a region must be placed farther down on the multitrack timeline in the input channel that the ToneGen plugin is loaded in.
click to download ToneGen plugin
When installing enter >
user name:  brainspawn
license key:  9A00D-AF740-7ADFD-0887C